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What’s Your BIG [Publishing] Idea?

Each of us has a “big idea” for a book and/or consulting program that would be incredibly valuable to others.

Each of us has specialized knowledge, expertise and a story that we can use to create a unique educational product or consulting service – that we can use to monetize our life experience.

We have all seen ebooks, audio books, video courses, webinars, interview programs, and many other formats being sold online. These are all examples of what are called “digital information products.”

A $48 Billion industry…

Yes, you read that correctly, a $48 Billion industry. AND it’s expected to go up to nearly double within the next few years.

The best part is that this type of platform is virtually untouched by the population!

You have been watching as teaching and training businesses are exploding online. What do the famous teachers and big launches have in common? Almost all of them are offering digital information for sale.

If you look around today, you’ll notice three things:

1)  People are reading, watching videos, and listening to information they search for and find online.

2)  The amount of time they invest doing it is growing.

3)  The amount of money they invest doing it is growing.

Over a billion iPads and iPhones have been sold already. And what are these devices used for? More and more, they’re used for reading books, listening to audio programs, watching videos, and attending online courses.

And who is creating the most successful ebooks, video courses, and other digital information products? Regular people, who have learned how to do it, from scratch.

We believe that everyone should have a digital product. Everyone should have a way to share their knowledge with others, and do it in a way that is valuable, so they can market & sell it.

What do you need in order to get started? You need a BIG IDEA.

You need an idea for your product. An idea that is the seed of a product that will share the most important and valuable part of your business and/or life experience and story.

When most people decide to create a digital information product, they begin by imagining the “widest audience” possible, and then creating a product that tries to “appeal to everyone.” It’s counter-intuitive to narrow your niche, and target a smaller group of people. BUT, when you “narrow your niche” you actually target a group that is more motivated, and more likely to buy your product.

Consider the following questions:

Question #1: Is your target customer motivated to solve a problem?

Question #2: Are they searching for a solution to that problem?

Question #3: Are they having a hard time finding the right answer?

By asking yourself these 3 (Imperative) questions, you’re going to be able to qualify not only your idea, but your audience as well! This link will take you to another post that we wrote in order to help prospective authors START writing their outline immediately! For that reason, we reccomend giving it a quick read and start piecing some things together.

If you’re ready to get your book started, but don’t have a lot of time or know where to start the writing process, we can get you started instantly! AND help you speed up the process to be published in as little as 90 days! And NO, not with just an eBook or a less than stellar version of what you’d want to see in a store. It’ll be the Gold Standard!



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