Best Seller Book Momentum

How to Capitalize on Your Momentum as a Best-Selling Author

You’ve finished your book and now you’re an Amazon best-selling author. What’s next? What should you do once you have your best-selling book to capitalize on your momentum and rocket yourself to celebrity status?

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Your goal should be to use your book as a business and marketing tool.

Use your book to build your platform, grow your list, and monetize customers. It’s also a perfect way to become competition-proof and recession-proof. Your book is the perfect tool to build relationships.

Here are 10 ways to use your Best-Seller to grow your status and business.

1) Use Your Book to Get Speaking Gigs

It turns out it’s easy to take your book and deliver it to your prospect, gift wrapped and with a card. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert and authority in your field, and get those speaking gigs.

Sometimes people search for a topic and they find you online because your Amazon ranking is high. So they book you to speak for their organization.

2) Attend Events With People You Want to Meet

The next way to grow your business is to attend events where people you want to connect with are present.

Let’s say, you know that there’s going to be a celebrity at a certain event. This is someone you’ve wanted to connect with for a long time and they’re actually going to be at this event. Bring along a few copies of your book and a sharpie.

When you’ve identified someone that you want to connect with, pull out your book, open it up, find an area that might be relevant to that person, sign the book with your contact information, and a little note to them.

Walk up to them after they finish speaking, or when you can track them down without being weird, and give them your book.

3) Use Your Book Get Interviews

The next way you can use your book is to reach out and get interviews on podcasts or other mediums. There are people dying to interview best-selling authors for their shows. It’s a win-win for both of you.

You can give your book away in exchange for a lead when you’re being interviewed. You can use the two strategies above to actually get the interview in the first place.

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4) Prepare a Press Release

As soon as you write your book, no matter what it is, you can prepare a press release. Put that on a site like or other similar press release companies.

Here’s what happens…

As soon as that press release is published, other news outlets like Forbes and Entrepreneur, may pick up the article and post it on their site.

That gives you some additional “link juice” as we like to call it. Those quality links are useful to establish yourself as a credible expert and industry authority, and give you some celebrity status as well.

You can also boost your credibility on your website by posting “as seen on” links back to those articles.

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5) Create an Audio Version of Your Book

With nothing more than a USB microphone from Amazon, you can record an audio version of your book.

When you upload your audio book you can get free distribution on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Generally, you get about 65% of the price of your audio book as revenue. Another option I’ve done and highly suggest is putting your audio book up for free as a podcast. Allow iTunes, and the other podcast networks to distribute your content for free.

Don’t be afraid of giving away your content.

For example, people who buy books, or audio books, are going to be different than the people who listen to podcasts.

Your goal is to get recognized, be seen, and build your celebrity status.

6) Get Media Gigs

Another way you can use your book is to get media gigs. You can learn how to be effective on camera and then get TV interviews.

Your book is a vehicle. When you’re established as a best-selling author, people are going to want to listen to you. You’re treated as an authority and an expert.

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7) Schedule Webcasts to Discuss Your Book

I like to start scheduling webcasts on Blab or Google Hangouts, and then promote those opportunities on social media to talk about the content of my book.

You can give away your content and teach it, and then offer your book as a bonus.

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8) Create an Information Product Out of Your Book

If you’re wondering, how do I sell?

How do I make money?

Consider creating an information product that’s based on your book. You can sell it to your existing audience that you have and to the list that your building.

9.) Pre-Luanch Your Book

There is a market for everything & that market is CONSTANTLY searching for information or solutions to their issues. Why not tap into that market with anticipation? By creating a simple landing page (one-page website) you can give this audience some results in advance with your book AND have a pre-order section right there on the same page.

By optimizing this page with some video content and samples of your book, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a credible authority (& secure pre-orders) before your book even hits the (Digital) shelves!

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10) Always Give Your Audience a “Call to Action”

The other thing that you want to make sure that you have in your book is something called a call to action. A call to action asks people to take a certain action from within your content.

You do that whenever you make any kind of an appearance in an interview or podcast. I’m going to give you a call to action right now as an example…

“If you want to learn how to publish a book, or how publishing a book and becoming an author will help grow your business, we’d love to assist!

Just contact us or click the M+ Book Publishing tab under services.



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