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MArketing Automation Do's & Don'ts

Marketing Automation Do’s & Don’ts

Now that we’ve detailed out what marketing automation is, we want to give you a few tips as you think about implementing a new platform into your process. This will outline what you should and should not be doing with your marketing automation.

Content Calendar

How to Generate Your Content Calendar

The holiday season is officially behind us! Your holiday marketing is done for 2016, the holiday shopping discounts have passed, and you’re counting down the days until next year’s holiday fun fest.

Now that you know how to expertly pull together my favorite Google Analytics reports for the holidays, you could take your marketing one step further and perfect your holiday marketing calendar-planning skills. My marketing calendar (and free template!) gives you a handful of global and national honored holidays along with some other quirky holidays that might spark a little personality in your brand.

If you haven’t started planning for 2017 yet, now is the time to start, whether it’s the Facebook ads whisking your customers away to somewhere tropical during summertime, heading to Snapchat for an Oscar-winning filter for awards season, or just ramping up your evergreen content for daily brand happenings.

Content Calander

If used correctly, my marketing calendar can be amazingly entertaining– and drive ROI.

To help maximize your 2017 holiday marketing goals, I’ve also put together a list of every holiday in 2017 you’ll want to have on your radar. You already have the basics like evergreen content, so think about the stuff you “need” (want) that you might not have done in the past. From a Valentine’s Day Deal to an LBGTQ event, this article will give you the 2017 marketing calendar ho-ho-hook up.

4 Elements of an ROI-Driving Marketing Calendar
Of course, every marketer has their definition of what makes a marketing calendar great. That’s what makes every year so fun. For me, a great marketing calendar:

-Is a tool that drives sales
-Has a campaign you are proud to be a part of
-Champions its customers year-round
-Raises the bar for next year
-One business I admire that surpasses all marketing efforts year-after-year is Whole Foods. Not only do they listen to their customers (they launched their rewards program to help reduce prices), but they offer personalized products year round (like these holiday chocolate bars perfect for my binge-watching of holiday movies).

Binge-watching w/ chocolate bars to rewards programs, @WholeFoods is an example of marketing done right.
3 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Themselves Before Building a Calendar
1. Is the holiday relevant to my brand?

Only choose holidays that will fulfill your end goal.

2. Can I focus on one holiday at a time?

You don’t want your customers to feel like you’re interrogating them. If you want quality engagement, you need to give consumers time.

3. Is there a theme relevant to my brand every month?

If you can choose a theme for every month, you can narrow down the holiday marketing you want your brand to participate in.

Marketing Automation Image

How to Organize Your Content for After a Holiday, Before

So, it’s the week after Christmas…

At the moment, you’re probably frantically following up on emails and organizing the rest of your week to MAYBE get out early on Friday (New Year’s Eve)…

Well, you’re not alone!

However, there is a much better way to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and you can ring in the New Year without a worry in the world!

You’re about to read about some HIGHLY effective ways to organize your content following a Holiday so that you can rest easy knowing that your boss or customers are taken care of. How?

A content strategy AND automation.

What’s that?

Automation is basically defined as your business activities being programmed to be distributed at a given time in the future without you needing to be present. Of course, there are varying forms of automation, however, this is a very simple explanation.

And a content strategy or calendar is a tool that you use to organize what content is to be distributed on a certain day, week, etc.

Social media platforms like Facebook or email marketing platforms like MailChimp give us the opportunity to schedule posts that can be broadcasted in the future like for the rest of the week or two weeks, or whatever the period of time may be. 

Let’s say that you’re in charge of social media marketing for your business and you are taking a few extra days off after the Holiday, but your job still needs to get done. You have a ton of posts or emails (if you’re in charge of email marketing, etc.) that need to go out immediately following the Holiday and you’re not there…what do you do??

Try this…

Take a few hours prior to the Holiday and decide what content needs to be distributed on which day. Once you have decided on your Facebook content strategy, head over to Facebook (or whichever social media platform and/or your email marketing tool like Constant Contact) and begin pre-programming your content! (How to use Facebook Scheduling Tool)

This will obviously make your life considerably easier AND your business (or company that you work for) will run smoothly, even in your absence!

Automation is here and it’s the future. It allows us to be more productive while giving us more time to do more for our business or company that we work for.

Either way, you’re going to look pretty darn good to your boss or clients 🙂


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Alex, MPeMG

Co-Founder & CMO