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What’s Your BIG [Publishing] Idea?

Each of us has a “big idea” for a book and/or consulting program that would be incredibly valuable to others.

Each of us has specialized knowledge, expertise and a story that we can use to create a unique educational product or consulting service – that we can use to monetize our life experience.

We have all seen ebooks, audio books, video courses, webinars, interview programs, and many other formats being sold online. These are all examples of what are called “digital information products.”

A $48 Billion industry…

Yes, you read that correctly, a $48 Billion industry. AND it’s expected to go up to nearly double within the next few years.

The best part is that this type of platform is virtually untouched by the population!

You have been watching as teaching and training businesses are exploding online. What do the famous teachers and big launches have in common? Almost all of them are offering digital information for sale.

If you look around today, you’ll notice three things:

1)  People are reading, watching videos, and listening to information they search for and find online.

2)  The amount of time they invest doing it is growing.

3)  The amount of money they invest doing it is growing.

Over a billion iPads and iPhones have been sold already. And what are these devices used for? More and more, they’re used for reading books, listening to audio programs, watching videos, and attending online courses.

And who is creating the most successful ebooks, video courses, and other digital information products? Regular people, who have learned how to do it, from scratch.

We believe that everyone should have a digital product. Everyone should have a way to share their knowledge with others, and do it in a way that is valuable, so they can market & sell it.

What do you need in order to get started? You need a BIG IDEA.

You need an idea for your product. An idea that is the seed of a product that will share the most important and valuable part of your business and/or life experience and story.

When most people decide to create a digital information product, they begin by imagining the “widest audience” possible, and then creating a product that tries to “appeal to everyone.” It’s counter-intuitive to narrow your niche, and target a smaller group of people. BUT, when you “narrow your niche” you actually target a group that is more motivated, and more likely to buy your product.

Consider the following questions:

Question #1: Is your target customer motivated to solve a problem?

Question #2: Are they searching for a solution to that problem?

Question #3: Are they having a hard time finding the right answer?

By asking yourself these 3 (Imperative) questions, you’re going to be able to qualify not only your idea, but your audience as well! This link will take you to another post that we wrote in order to help prospective authors START writing their outline immediately! For that reason, we reccomend giving it a quick read and start piecing some things together.

If you’re ready to get your book started, but don’t have a lot of time or know where to start the writing process, we can get you started instantly! AND help you speed up the process to be published in as little as 90 days! And NO, not with just an eBook or a less than stellar version of what you’d want to see in a store. It’ll be the Gold Standard!

Your Book = Business Growth

There are plenty of reasons to write a book.

Some of the most powerful reasons are to make money, sell your product, grow your tribe, build your list, or share your message. Most people we have worked with have a dual motivation: they want to make money and share their message.

You don’t have to be a writer and you don’t have to have content …

Right now, focus on the reason why you’re going to publish a book in the first place and who you’re going to help with your book.

Here are 9 reasons to write a book that should w get you thinking:

1) A Book is an Instant Credibility Booster for You and Your Business

It’s positioning and authority wrapped in a front and back cover.Book Publishing Image 2 - 3:7:16

Think about it …

Don’t you treat someone a little differently when you find out they’re a bestselling author?

You’ll be amazed how many people want you to autograph your book for them; and unlike a business card, books don’t get thrown away. Inside your book, you can demonstrate your genius and show examples and social proof of your knowledge, wisdom, and experience without being a braggart.

You’re treated very differently, with celebrity status.

It’s like getting an exclusive VIP ticket to a private members-only club … past the velvet rope to access a community that enables your freedom and autonomy.

When people introduce you to someone else, they feel special when they announce you as an author; or, better yet, as a “# 1 bestselling author.” Take my author quiz to see if you’re ready to be an author.

2) A Book Creates the Ultimate Foot in the Door Strategy

For a couple of bucks, you can mail your book to a prospect to get your foot in the door … but here’s another little strategy I use to bypass the gatekeepers.

I buy my own books on Amazon and have them delivered to a prospect, gift-wrapped, with a card … and Amazon pays me royalties when I buy my own books!

When is the last time you ignored a package from Amazon, especially one that is gift-wrapped?

I don’t know about you, but I would consider it very rude if my assistant opened up my presents!

People “meet” you in your book.

You start a one-way conversation with them. You reveal your “reason why” you do what do you in your book, which creates a reason why they’re going to do business with you.

Introduce yourself to your prospects with an attention grabbing book title.

3) Use Your Book to Get Traffic, Generate Leads, and Build Your List

Getting and keeping customers is the holy grail of every business.

Books are one of the lowest cost ways to generate high-quality leads.

Here’s how it works:

Every chapter in your book tells a short story and answers a question.

Your book is a library filled with social proof, examples, and stories to show you care, know what you’re talking about, and can help the reader solve just about any challenge.

Throughout the book, you invite the reader to visit a web page where they enter their contact information, text their email address to a phone number, or call and leave their name and information.

Each call to action is a way to interactively engage the reader and drive them to some kind of bonus or gift.

You can give away:

-Training videos
-A free audiobook
-Trials of your services or products
-A consulting session
A high-value way to get closer and deepen the relationship
Because publishers don’t give you the contact information of the book buyer, the reason you embed a call to action in your book is. You need the right strategies, tools, and systems to drive readers to your offers and capture leads.

4) Books Sell Your Products and Services Faster and Easier

Your book can talk about what you do, who you do it for, include case studies and results, and invite the reader to try them out.

If you are a chiropractor, a fitness instructor, or in pain management, you can demonstrate three different stretches or exercises to eliminate neck or back pain.

If you are a nutritionist or dietitian, you could discuss the benefits of using coconut oil in a cooking demonstration.

By demonstrating your product or service, talking about the benefits, and showing proof it works, you multiply your sales when you include a call to action in your book and capture leads with text messaging, mobile-responsive websites, QR codes, voicemail, or shortcodes.

5) A Book is a Perfect Way to Position Yourself as a Consultant or Authority

These Books Are Waiting To Be Written Image

This one is dead simple.

Who would you rather do business with:

A coach, consultant, doctor, nutritionist, financial planner, fitness therapist, expert, or mechanic who hands you a business card that says “I am a Self-Proclaimed Expert– Hire me!” on it.


A professional who’s a # 1 bestselling author and hands you a book about the problem you want to fix– and autographs it for you with their mobile phone number and email address.

Do you throw or lose away business cards? How often do you throw or lose away an autographed book?

6) Published Authors Make More Money and Help More People

Your book is about gaining access to an exclusive, member’s only club; meeting with CEOs and celebrities; getting VIP treatment; gaining instant credibility; garnering speaking opportunities; and attracting media attention.

It’s about getting paid what you’re worth, not what you can get.

It’s an opportunity to make more, live more, and give more.

7) Your Book is a Perfect Way to Get Media Attention, Radio Shows, TV Interviews, and Traction in Social Media

Every chapter in your book can easily become the subject of a TV or radio interview, a speech, a social media post, a YouTube video, or a podcast episode. The book becomes a “marketing roadmap” for your messaging and marketing. It gives you a script and a formula for what to speak about and share.

Interviewers and hosts will pick the topics they want you to talk about based on what’s in the book, which makes it super easy for you to just show up and be the expert you already are.

8) A Book Can Build or Grow Any Local Business

I talk to lots of local business owners who tell me they don’t understand why they should write a book or what it will do for them. They think that because they only do business in a specific town, region or neighborhood, a book won’t make a difference to their bottom line.

Think again …

Ask yourself these questions:

-Do you ever fight for business with competitors?
-Do you have any trouble standing out in the crowd?
-Do you ever get asked the same questions over and over again from your prospects?
-Do you get price resistance?
-Write a book and you’ll have a high quality piece of information to give to all of your prospects. Instead     of throwing up a sales letter on a website, you can stand out far beyond your competitors who don’t      have books.

Bestseller status gives you immediate credibility and authority and positions you as a go-to person.

The fact is, this works for any business, anywhere in the world. Thinking that you’re “local” is irrelevant as to whether or not a book would be a powerful marketing tool for you.

9) Marketing in Heavily Regulated Industries is Easier

Businesses like financial planning, investing, medical, healthcare, franchises, stocks and trading, legal, fitness, or multilevel marketing are easy (and legal) to market with books.

Many of our customers believed for years they couldn’t write a book to market a business, because legal teams and compliance departments would stop them. With very few exceptions, no company can prevent you from sharing your personal life experiences, stories, and topical or general advice.

Once again, this strategy will work for any business.

A book just gives people a reason to listen to you and take you seriously, faster.

When you ask the question, “How will a book grow my business?” All the things I just shared with you should make that very obvious. There are plenty of other reasons to write a book. Share your reason to write a book in the comments.

How often do you lose or throw away an autographed book?

Every chapter in your book can easily become the subject of a TV or radio interview, a speech, a social media post, a YouTube video, or a podcast episode. The book becomes a “marketing roadmap” for your messaging and marketing. There are plenty of other reasons to write a book. Share your reason to write a book in the comments.


What are you waiting for?? Start writing! 🙂 Need some help? We can do that, too!



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Congrats On Your First Book, Big Payoff

Writing a book is a BIG deal. 

Great, now that that’s out of the way, we can get started. Many aspiring authors (and people who don’t know that they have a story) have one great big thing in common…they are afraid that they don’t know how to write their book! This becomes a HUGE elephant on their back, so most authors tend to “put their book on the back burner” & that back burner gets shut off and eventually starts to look like a shelf to collect dust.

We want better things for you!  In 2011, over 200 Million Americans stated that they wish to write a book, but that they don’t know how or where to begin. That’s over 200 Million messages and stories that were never told. Or 200 Million “How To” books that were never able to teach people seeking that message.

The point is that publishing is 100% easier than it used to be. You’re probably thinking that, “We’re full of it,” but I can assure you that we’re not! 

We have published and promoted SEVERAL authors from scraps and thoughts all the way to #1 Best Sellers!Best Seller Red Carpet Image

You used to have to sit down at a type writer of computer for hours upon hours & years upon years write your content…not anymore! You used to have to go through countless editorial phases and departments, which would take months and sometimes years…not anymore! Once you got your content written & your book edited and formatted, you then had to wait for a publishing company to accept your manuscript, which could take years!

That sounds like A TON of work and waiting around when all you wanted to do was educate/help people…

My question to you is, “Why wait years when you could wait months?” Or, “Why sit and write for years when you just have to tell us your story and then be published?” The point is why wait? All you need to do is tell your story and we will take care of the rest! Just think, in a few months, you could not only have your dream book sitting in your hands, but also possibly be a Best Seller or a #1 Best Seller!! Pretty cool, huh?

Here are 11 Steps to get you started to writing your first Best Selling Book!

Writing a book is a big deal - frustrated baby1. Make a bullet-point list in Word / Pages of everything you can think of that you wish to include in the book. Don’t worry about organizing at  this point, just brainstorm.

2. Once you have a list of ideas or topics, you’ll probably find you have no idea how to organize them into any sort of order. This is normal.

3. Now drag and drop all your bullet points so they are listed under a heading called “Topics.”

4. Use multi-colored 3 x 5 cards and dedicate a separate color to each topic.

5. Lay all of the cards on a table and move the cards around, grouping by like-colors, until you’re satisfied with the order of topics. The different- colored cards will allow you to see where you have too much material in one topic or not enough in another. You’ll probably find that you have some cards that could be combined into one topic. Remember, you don’t need to have every topic point down at this  time, just the Core Points.Writing a book is a big deal - Index cards image

6. Once you’ve got your cards organized, figure out your chapter breaks and write the chapter and topic number on each card.

7. Stack your cards in sequence and go back to your computer. Drag and drop everything in the document into the proper order, adding chapter headings.

8. When you’ve got everything in order, you may recognize holes in topics that need more development. Better to learn this now, rather than later!

9. Once you’ve updated each individual topic document, be sure to cut and paste the changes into the main outline. 

10. At this point, you should have a solid, working outline. Depending upon your subject matter….you may gather bits of dialog, quotes, or images that you feel would be appropriate for your audience. You may consider creating a separate digital file where these “pieces” can be stored. If they were important enough to store, they may be valuable for your readers as well. 

11. Create a calendar to help keep track of your timeline. Consider formatting in a spreadsheet program (Excel or Numbers) because it allows you to create larger blocks that allow for writing notes & updates.

DigiPUB Solutions Image1Your book is a series of statements & inquiries leading the reader to a particular point that you are trying to convey. Many aspiring authors assume that you have to sit down and type for countless hours only to find that you have to start over again because your message does not make sense.

This discourages most authors and, sadly, they never realize their dream. This outline will not only speed the process along, but it will also help you stay focused and not veer away from your point.

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