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[Press Release] Pittsburgh Small Business Marketers: No Mistakes

Attention Pittsburgh Small Business marketers: Let’s agree to NOT make 2016 the year of online marketing mistakes

Strong online presenceAs most marketing professionals know, when it comes to growing businesses in the information age, there is nothing more important than building a strong online presence that presents a company, product or service professionally, authentically, and accurately. Countless studies show the attention span of online consumers is shorter than ever, so it is up to the marketer to present all the necessary information to consumers as effectively as possible.

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Regardless of this fact, small business owners and marketers often make common mistakes that can cause an exact opposite effect of an otherwise well-thought-out campaign. What are the best ways to avoid these mistakes? The best approach is to start small, and start local. Here are a few good starting places: Focus on getting a few excellent Google or Yelp reviews, compare your search rank to local competitors, and make sure your search results come up clean without spelling errors and present accurate information. As simple as following these steps may sound (and an overwhelming list of other strategies), business owners and marketers can still struggle to keep up. After all, the internet never sleeps and there’s often too much to do just to keep the doors to any business open.

This is where companies such as MatchPLUS eMarketing come in. Since launching in 2001, MatchPLUS has become a trusted partner among firms around Pittsburgh who are serious about streamlining online marketing methods and connecting with consumers in innovative and exciting new ways.MPeMG_color_transparent_300x155 (2)

MatchPLUS is currently offering a free report for companies interested in learning about other potential online marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. The report also details how companies can maximize their public image.

Those interested can contact MatchPLUS using the information below, or visit their website at http://mpemg.com/ or follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MPeMG to learn more.


Joseph M. Kubicek, co-founder and CEO, MatchPLUS eMarketing Group, [email protected] or 412-215-3650.