Wait What…Best Seller?

I am so excited!

I am much more into sharing content for educational purposes, so you can imagine, I rarely like to speak about my company’s (MatchPLUS eMarketing Group, LLC) accomplishments unless it can help others…

…well, today is that day!

Since 2004, we have been helping aspiring authors accomplish a dream they never thought possible…publishing their very own book! We have created a formidable process that allows authors to not only publish their gem, but, in some cases, publish in 90 days!

Now, you’re probably thinking that this is just some small eBook that anyone can curate a piece of content and slap into Pages or Word in an ePub format, but NOT THIS! Once you’ve gone through the process with us, you will have a full fledged book or novel that can be sold, borrowed, used for teaching, educating, or even signing for fans!

Watch this video to see what I mean…

It is and has been our passion to help anyone and everyone achieve their goals. Plain and simple. Everyone has a message and everyone has a unique story that deserves to be share to help others and so on!

With this in mind, we are truly able to achieve a world-wide educational platform on any device anywhere! [Explained more in the video above]

However, we don’t just stop at publishing your book and/or novel…

We also create a CUSTOM “Digital Book Tour!” The Digital Book Tour provides an author the ability to reach their audience world-wide with one screen! Why only go to a few book stores within your means when you could reach every single fan of your message??

[Did you catch the video above?]

This book tour deals with marketing, promotion, AND celebrity endorsements! 

Who wouldn’t want their favorite celeb to endorse their life’s work…it’s literally realizing two dreams in one!!

We’d absolutely LOVE to help you realize your dream & help share your valuable passion with the masses! Do not be afraid to get ahold of us! Seriously! Realizing your dream is our passion – You can reach us at:


(412) 215-3650

[email protected]

We look forward to your next Best Seller!

Alex, MPeMG



About Alex

CMO & Co -FounderAlexander J. Kubicek is a University of Pittsburgh graduate with a focus in business marketing & communications within the digital space. He is a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist (CCAS) providing cutting edge knowledge & insight in to paid advertising and traffic within the digital marketing realm to gain new customers for MPeMG & our clients. He was a Co-Foundering of this company while he was still in his undergraduate studies, Kubicek went on to help develop two state-of-the-art platforms for MPeMG, giving clients the opportunity to achieve all of their digital marketing needs in one convenient place. These platforms offer both complete DIY (Do It Yourself) & DFY (Done For You) services.


  • Lynn Leach
    Lynn Leach

    I have been search for a company that does customer acquisition. I own Common Scents Health Research and Wellness Center, Leach Publishing and am a top leader the Paid 2 Save Network. I am looking for help in expanding the P2S and here is an over view of that company: http://viralcard.paid2save.com/72454
    We off a free mobile app download that helps people save money on just about everything they normally purchase. And we offer free advertising to merchants — free for life — and we send them paying customers. We also offer NO COST fundraisiers to non profit organizations.
    Is this something you can help me with?
    Lynn Leach

    • Alex


      Thanks for your message. How can we help?


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